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When I get a call from a nurse with the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, I know that lives are at stake and the clock is ticking.  It is a very emotional time for a woman and I wanted to provide some information about the process from my perspective, in hopes that it will put you at ease. 

I am passionate about saving lives. I am on call for a woman, with no judgement. I know that not all lives can be saved but I am honored to help. After I get the call from the nurse, I will confirm your medical history, last menstrual period, how pregnancy was confirmed (lab test or ultrasound), and when you took the first abortion pill. From there a decision will be made on how best to use progesterone to attempt to reverse the effects of mifepristone. Mifepristone’s primary function is to block progesterone, so that the uterus lining will break down and cannot sustain the baby.

Progesterone can be given by mouth, as an injection, or as a vaginal suppository. The pros and cons of each method will be reviewed and a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy. Progesterone stabilizes the uterus in hopes that mifepristone has not caused too much damage and the baby survives.

If you are not bleeding, it is a good sign but you will need to have a follow up ultrasound. 

Because many of the Abortion Pill Reversal Network providers assist with the process through virtual care it is very important to have an in-person care provider who can continue to care for you throughout your pregnancy. 

Please share this information with everyone you know so that they have it available whenever the need arises. 

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Martin Owen, M.D.

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