Preparing your nursery for a baby’s arrival is an exciting time – choosing the perfect shade of paint, assembling the crib, and folding their tiny clothes neatly into their dresser brings about emotions of joy, eagerness, and anticipation. But between all that excitement, how are you preparing yourself for birth and post-partum?

During this webinar, Dr. Jillian Stecklein discusses how we can best prepare the body for pregnancy and postpartum!

Dr. Stecklein takes a deep dive into breathing techniques, back pain relief, and pelvic floor exercises you can start doing today. She also discusses the importance of stabilizing the core to heal and care for baby post-birth, allowing mothers to feel strong and confident to serve their families.

Preparing for birth, healing between births, or getting ahead of symptoms before they become a long-term problem is imperative for new and seasoned mothers alike. Watch our recorded webinar below!

Get to know our host:

Dr. Jillian Stecklein, PT, DPT

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