Have you ever felt stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or even that you might be burnt-out?  While these feelings aren’t new to the human condition, it seems our modern world nurtures these sentiments more effectively than calmness, centeredness, and connectedness.  Modern neuroscience has taught us much about how these two different states (stress vs calm) are activated or diminished in the human mind.  These findings, however, are often presented without due consideration to the millennia of collected spiritual wisdom in the Judeo-Christian tradition, most notably the centeredness Christ calls us to throughout the Gospel narratives.

During this webinar, Dr. Ulager explored our understanding of stress and calm from both a scientific and spiritual approach. He provided stress management techniques, what “balance” looks like, and how we can incorporate the mindfulness of prayer to reduce our stress and anxiety.

Watch the webinar here:

About the Presenter

James Ulager, M.D., FAAFP

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