How does telehealth and counseling work?

Studies show that using the mode of telehealth to meet with a counselor is as effective as in person. Still, there can be a level of discomfort with a virtual meeting. Some factors to consider when considering telehealth for counseling are: flexibility, time, and comfort. I started telehealth as a skeptic myself. I wondered if I could get the same feel as I can in person and the answer is yes. I find that my patients are very comfortable in their own space and are often accompanied by a pet or other soothing item. Many patients choose telehealth because they don’t need to spend time driving to and from the counseling office, which reduces stress of counseling. Telehealth does mean staring at a screen, for more time during the day, but most devices now can be turned off from blue screen and thus reduce eye strain. Patients best suited for telehealth can be those with anxiety or trauma history because you can be in the safety of your space.

I am an advocate of telehealth for counseling because I have seen amazing strides in patients who might not have ever gone into the clinic for a consultation. Additionally, it is difficult to find Catholic providers who are also counseling with a Catholic lens. I offer healing and hope all through adhering to the teaching of the Catholic faith, which aids patients more than I can do alone. Choosing a Catholic counselor, if you are striving for holiness, is a huge benefit, so don’t let the telehealth part scare you away. Feel free to reach out and see if we are a good fit!

Immediate openings available with Katie in Minnesota, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Vermont, and New York (Kansas coming soon).

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