Five tricks to a peaceful home – with kids

It’s hard to say my home is peaceful—we have five kids ages 9, 7, 4, 2, and 2 months.  But 2 years ago we made intentional changes in our parenting that have brought peaceful moments to our daily life—kids working, cooking, and playing together without that screaming, jealousy and sibling rivalry that used to plague all our time together.  Changing our parenting was very hard– our unexpected switch to homeschooling really forced my husband and I to get on the same page with our parenting techniques, and be very intentional about our parenting choices.  But homeschooling or not, every family needs peaceful times together.  Peace isn’t a want, it’s a need.  If your family is going to stay together, love each other, and be a family, you need to teach how to live in peace.  Here are the five approaches that have helped our family be more peaceful: