We're building a virtual Catholic Hospital

Our mission is to make Catholic healthcare available to everyone.

For 2000 years, Catholics have led the world in providing life- affirming medical care as directed by Jesus Christ who instructed us to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom (Luke 10:9). Today:

  • Catholic hospitals are closing, and those that remain open struggle to hire professionals that are trained and experienced in Catholic healthcare
  • the ability of Catholic doctors to practice medicine consistent with their faith is disappearing
  • the access to medical services which incorporate a patient’s Catholic faith principles is almost invisible
  • Faithful Catholic doctors that own their own private practices are struggling financially, especially primary care doctors. They often sell their practice to their local hospital/health system, but then lose the ability to make decisions about their own practice including incorporation of faith into their care.
  • Young Catholic healthcare professionals struggle to find employment that allows them to speak with the full voice of their faith
  • Catholic school nurses are funded and employed by local governments, bringing secular healthcare into our Catholic schools

MyCatholicDoctor is building an alternative for the millions of patients and their physicians who know there is a better way, a way consistent with the highest principles of our faith.

Our hospital is virtual, accessible across the country, and integrated within the mainstream healthcare industry.

Our Solution

MyCatholicDoctor makes Catholic healthcare accessible throughout the United States by using telehealth, a referral network of faithful healthcare professionals, and a unique financial model that aims to accommodate different healthcare payment methods. We are committed to serving people of all faiths and creeds.

Just like a physical hospital system we are a collaborative effort among multiple organzations: the MyCatholicDoctor Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization; MyCatholicDoctor, P.L.L.C., a group of healthcare providers that serves 49 states and DC; and Chuck R. Colas, P.C., aka MyCatholicDoctor of California. This corporate structure is necessary because 501(c)(3) organizations are not permitted to bill for medical care under the laws of some states.

What does “build a hospital” really mean?

A hospital system typically has multiple functions and combines for-profit suppliers with not-for-profit management. MCD Foundation, as a virtual hospital, provides telehealth technology and training, medical student education, and public outreach. MCD doctors refer to physical facilities nearest the patient when necessary. MCD then functions as the medical group associated with every health system in the US to provide the same medical care but with physician oversight consistent with Catholic practices. Its like having a Catholic hospital in every community.

What Funds for What Uses?
MCD is seeking donations for approx $350,000 over three years. Operations are expected to result in losses until patient volume and billing type result in approximately 70% utilization for typical physician practices. MCD has built the operating platform, but seeks funds to continue operations, platform development, and marketing until this threshold is achieved.

All of the MyCatholicDoctor Foundation board members serve as volunteers, as does the Director of Development.

The CEO, CTO, and CFO of MyCatholicDoctor, P.L.L.C. currently serve as volunteers. Our physicians frequently see uninsured patients for free or reduced prices.

Our services include:

  • Virtual Primary Care – lasting relationship where physician knows root causes and applies functional medicine to the whole person – “cura personalis”
  • Catholic Second Opinions – combines practitioner knowledge with dedication to religious and ethical principles to patient or provider
  • NaPro Technology, Catholic women’s Health, abortion-pill reversal
  • Natural Family Planning, Fertility Awareness, Breastfeeding support
  • Consulting by Pediatrician – vaccinations, medications, particularly for stem cell products
  • Hospice and Palliative care
  • Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support
  • Weight management, nutrition, and lifestyle or wellness coaching
  • Mental health and spiritual direction
  • School telehealth to Catholic schools

Our current costs include:

  • Telehealth technology platform
  • School telehealth equipment
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Advocacy and marketing
  • Salaries and professional services
  • Multi-State physician licensure and credentialing
  • Insurance company provider enrollment and negotiation

Luke 10:9: “cure the sick who are there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’”

Your generous donation allows our patients to receive the healthcare they desperately need.

Please find our Case for Support below. Included in this brochure, you will find a complete breakdown of our mission, the services we provide, the programs we offer, our growth as an organization, and how we plan to expand our services for those we serve in the next 18 months.

Our Team and Key Roles
Kathleen Berchelmann, M.D.
Sr. Marysia Weber, R.S.M., D.O., M.A.
Anne Nolte, M.D.
David Wagner, MBA
Louis Brown, J.D.
Greg Berchelmann, M.S.
Faithful Healthcare Professionals
Partners and Resources